What Is Wing Sup

If you’re looking to do something new with your SUP on the water this summer, we’ve got something for you-Wing sup!

Wing surfing or windsurfing is a relatively new sport and is a simple, low-cost form of windsurfing. As you know, windsurfing started in the 1970s and has been very popular for some time, but it has also become a costly sport. Then, about 22 years ago, kitesurfing came along and was a fast-growing sport until 2010. But at the same time, it is more expensive for some people, and it is also an extreme sport, which may be beyond the physical capabilities of many people.

So what followed was wing surfing. There are several benefits to wing surfing and the two main genres of wing surfing – a high-performance version on a hydrofoil and a performance that we think is more popular and less expensive on a standard stand-up paddle board.

Who does wing sup appeal to?

This new sport appeals to anyone who loves water sports (from kids to seniors) – including surfers, kitesurfers, windsurfers, paddleboarders, sailors and sailors, or just about anyone. Compared to windsurfing, it has far fewer settings and is easier and faster to progress. It takes up far less space than kitesurfing, opening up more access points, and doesn’t require assisted launch or landing. Compared to surfing, with wind and no waves, you can enjoy yourself. You can feel like you’re surfing on the inland waterways and feel like you’re surfing.

It’s easy to learn, the gear fits in a relatively small space, it’s easy to use, and it provides a great fitness workout.

What is Wing Sup?

Let me explain wing sup, but look at the picture below. It looks like a small kite surfing kite. Sup wing has an inflatable frame, which deflates and packs into a small package after use. It flies like a kite, but not on a 25-meter line, but the user held it directly, the person standing on the SUP board.

The wings create lift, so when you stand on the board in a semi-surf position, you are pushed by the wind. A wind speed of about 10-20 knots is recommended to create headwind capability on the board. You can launch in roughly the same spot you entered by staying upwind, meaning you don’t have to go back.

When is the best time to wing on a SUP?

In summer, it will be best when our regular sea breeze starts to blow in the afternoon. So if you can’t get to the beach with the early morning offshore and glassy waves, set off on a water cruise in the afternoon! Sailing is great fun, and you will love it!

Watch this video showcasing the WingHier Wing for a look at the high-performance style of the foil board wind wing.