What Inflatable Kite Wing Is Good for Beginners

If you are starting to inflatable kite wing, then you must want to figure out which foil wing is the best for you. A nice wing doesn’t come cheap. On the markets, the price can vary from $400 to $1000. The oldest equipment is called sailing, then kite surfing, and now a new way of wing surfing is obviously occupying most athletes’ minds. A new foil surfing wing will cost more than 800 dollars. So, which kind of equipment will you buy and what price could you accept?

Why inflatable kite wings can occupy our minds?

Surfing originated in Hawaii. As a traditional sport, surfing has a history of hundred years. But in recent years, foil wing surfing has gradually appeared in the eyes of people. So why has foil wing surfing become so popular? That is because of a number of reasons.

First of all, the wing is inflatable, people can fold it into a backpack, and we can easily carry it wherever we go.

Secondly, the wing is handheld. That gives the wing surfer a very free and dynamic feeling. No lines or bars attach the surfer to a wing.

Thirdly, wing foil is not difficult that can suit most people, even though you are a beginner. The hardest part of wing foiling is learning to ride the foil board. You can practice this behind a boat, at a ski lake (if they allow foils), or in very small wave conditions. Once you master the foil, the wing is a relatively easy skill to learn.

Finally, inflatable kite wing also can be used in many scenarios. Such as waves, skateboarding, and skiing. That can bring a lot of interest.

All water sports have inherent risks. No doubt, wing foil surfing also is an extreme sport. As a beginner, while having fun, we must pay more attention to safety.

How do choose a wing for a beginner?

Even though it’s recommended to choose a wing when starting a wing foil surfing, there is a variety of foil wing companies and brands, some beginners still feel confused when making a choice. Here are some tips for beginners.

  1. Price plays the most important role in making decisions. Wing foil surfing is a professional sport, and materials are very important. At the same time, the better the material price the higher the cost. So when we choose a wing, we need to consider a variety of factors.
  2. The balance is also some of the keys when buying foil surfing wings. Better balance and stability are safer when operating wings.
  3. Size is another factor when choosing foil surfing wings. Generally, the smaller the size, the stronger the wind. We suggest a 5.0/6.0m² size for beginners

Out of consideration of safety, foil wing surfing is relatively simple. In fact, no matter what wings you buy, the most important is to continuously practice your surfing skills day after day. Anyway, what makes a good rider is a skilled surfing ability.