What Are Materials of Foil Wing, Really?

As we know, foil wing is growing fast. But most people should have no idea including what material.

So which kind of material will you accept? If you want to get more, please continue reading…

Introduction of polyester

First of all, materials of windsurfing, kites, and foil wings are all polyester. It is also an elastic fiber. And its elasticity is also the best among chemical fiber fabrics.

On the other hand, polyester has excellent performance, such as wear resistance, corrosion resistance, and UV resistance etc. Simultaneously bleaching agents and oxidants will not make it decompose and mildew

At present, foil wings use slightly harder Dacron and slightly softer Canopy material, which two-part are all polyester fibers.

Supplier of polyester material


Challenge is a well-known fabric dealer in the United States. Its current products involve sailboats, clothing, tents and other industries.

In addition, it has the largest portfolio of custom kitesurf and foil wing projects. As a pioneer of ultralight material development, it is dedicated to reducing weight on the leading edge and canopy area, and furthering closing seam technology.


Teijin is a chemical company in Osaka, Japan. It mainly produces various synthetic fibers. But is also involved in IT industries.

It is a leading supplier of carbon fiber products, which offers innovative solutions and high-performance products for a variety of applications.


What materials of Winghier use?

Winghier uses the materials of the top cloth manufacturer CHALLENGE, and guarantees the product quality, giving users the best surfing experience.