The Handle of Sup Wing Review

Generally speaking, people will consider kinds of elements when they choose sports equipment. For example, stability, balance, product material, price, size etc. When we select a sup wing, the handle also is one of the key factors that we should consider. Because it will affect our product experience directly. This article is mainly about the handle of kite surfing wing reviews. And it is good for beginners to know its performance quickly. At present, there are two main types of handles for wings on the market: ordinary handle & carbon fibre handle.

Ordinary Handle of Sup Wing

The ordinary handle of the sup wing shape is generally smaller and rectangular. We design it with flatter parts that fit right into your phalanges, so you don’t have to firmly grasp the handles constantly. Therefore, we can save our energy when operating the wing. At the same time, the designer will seek flexibility in design, so that there is a perfect angle between the wings and the arms. However, the ordinary handle may also have certain disadvantages. Due to the rectangular shape, it may start giving blisters to the palm of the hand. With the development of foil surfing wing, this kind of handle is not recommended anymore.

Carbon fibre handle

The carbon fibre handle is a new type of handle, and there are relatively few brands currently used. Compared with the ordinary handle, it is round in shape, unique lightweight rigid handle design offers boom-like comfort and control with direct steering. The damage to the hand will be less. Meanwhile, the cost is also slightly higher. At present, the upgraded version of WingHier wings uses carbon fibre handles, which provides a better user experience in terms of foil surfing wing performance. However, our price is more advantageous than the price of ordinary handles of other brands. I think it is wing equipment with high-cost value.

Customer Reviews

The carbon fibre handle works incredibly in all conditions. it is stiffer and lighter to use this material— this is really good for rotating and jumping when we use the surfing wing. And can translate into easy direct movements and the generation of a huge amount of power without the burden of a heavy wing.


No matter which handle you choose, the right one is the best. It is hoped that each product can bring users a good experience. Simultaneously, making them feel freedom and passion while enjoying surfing. Let’s have fun this summer!