The 5 Best Q&As For Starting Foil Surfing Wing

You may be confused by the various foil surfing wing on market. Which wingsurfing equipment should I start with? And what foils to use. For beginners, it is difficult to choose qualified wing surfing equipment from so many wing brands.

A foil surfing wing beginner kit must include essential wing accessories, wing, surfing boards, and maybe need foils.

Here are some basic questions and answers to help beginners start.

Is Foil Surfing Wing Dangerous?

Wing Foil is a relatively safe sport as long as it is practised in the right weather. So when we are enjoying the fun, we must pay attention to wearing a helmet and wetsuits.

Customer Reviews

“I don’t consider it particularly dangerous and the falls from winging actually seem less violent than surf foiling. I have fallen numerous times surf foiling when I hit so hard my shoulder and arm went numb for a few minutes. I’ve never done that winging. I’ve also given myself a sharp headache surf foiling which might be an indication of a mild rebound concussion–but not with wings. Still, a helmet and impact vest makes good sense. I carry both, but rarely wear them–just stupid I guess.”

Can anyone use it?

Yes, everyone can practice foil surfing wing. According to different ages and wind, we should choose the right size of wings. But this is also a sport, for children, we still need to pay much more attention when they practice. In this regard, I would say that an important requirement is to have good water skills.

How much wind is needed for foil wing surfing?

We suggest wind between 15 and 20 knots. Wings come in a range of sizes, and picking out the right size inflatable wing will take a bit of research. Generally, different sizes of wings can hold up different wind.

How long should I take to learn wing surfing?

As I said, wing foil surfing is a relatively simple sport. At the same time, you can also have fun in a short period of time. But it’s hard to say how much time it will take to learn this sport. Depends on the experience and learning ability of different people. For those with surfing experience, it may be a few hours to operate smoothly. Therefore, as long as you take the time, you should be able to learn quickly. Just be relaxed…

Where to wing surfing?

Anywhere or almost you can choose! Usually, any water with wind speeds of about 15 knots is suitable. Such as lake and sea. Theoretically, any kitesurf or windsurf spot is suitable, and the beauty is that it doesn’t necessarily need as much space as for kitesurfing. So many lakes are also excellent candidates, as well as many other spots to be discovered. So choose to start on a beach with flat water or a lake and constant wind of around 15 knots. Then if you want you can experience more demanding conditions. Maybe you also can refer to this article, which can give some advice on “The best places to wing surf in the United States”.


Possibly, you also have many other questions about wing surfing. But I can’t solve them one by one. If you really want to buy a wing to learn wing foil. You can contact us individually. We will try our best to help you. Finally, although there are various surfing wing brands, they are almost the same. The most important is to choose a reliable wing and wing brand. I would like to recommend one that comes with a long warranty and has a qualified surf wing. For beginners, a good wing is the right way to start with.