The 3 Stages of Kite Surfing Wing You Should Be Focusing on

If you are starting using a wing in surfing, then you must want to figure out kite surfing wing how to develop. So, which kind of surfing equipment will you want to know? This article will introduce the details of surfing history.

The First Stage: Sailing in the Age of Navigation

Sailing originated in the Netherlands.

-Firstly, in 1662, the King of England held a sailing race between England and the Netherlands. The race route was from Greenwich to Gleusand to Greenwich. This was the first larger sailing race.

-Secondly, in 1870, the United States and Britain held the first famous “America’s Cup” sailing race across the Atlantic.

-Thirdly, in 1907, the world’s first national sailing organization, the International Sailing Federation, was formally established. The full name of the International Sailing Federation is International Sailing Federation, referred to as “ISAF”

-Finally, in 1896, it was the first Olympic Games.

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About America’s Cup

The 36th America’s Cup has kicked off in Auckland’s Hauraki Gulf.

America’s Cup is the most influential, and prestigious race in the world sailing event, with a history of 170 years. Held America’s Cup every 4 years, and divide into three stages.

The Grand Finals held at Hauraki Gulf, Okla, New Zealand, from March 6 to March 21, 2021.

The Second Stage:

With the prosperity of kitesurfing, more and more people around the world are entering water sports.

-In the beginning, around 1990, there was an American named Cory.R. For a chance, he came into contact with flying parachute kites, but he found a problem during use. When he was falling into the water, he couldn’t recover them.

-However, in 1993, two French brothers developed a kite, which was specially designed for people to operate on the water surface, however, the airfoil and keel of this kite are inflated and can recover after falling into the water.

-Since 1998, people have occasionally combined inflatable kites with surfboards on the beaches of Hawaii, and then this sport has become popular.

-Finally, the movement has been popular for 20 years. After the Americans call it kitesurfing and the French call it fly surfing.

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The Third Stage: Kite Surfing Wing

Although the industry is still full of controversy about which of the two projects, foil hydrofoil and kite surfing wing appeared first, there is no doubt that wing foiling has become a hot word.

Foil relies on the force of natural water flow and waves, that is to promote the flight of the product, and bring the ultimate sports experience.

Wing controls the speed of surfing by the wind force. Generally speaking, the stronger the wind force, the smaller the product size required.