Wing Surfing Wing for Beginners Guide

In the past few years, most people have been using kitesurfing and windsurfing, and they are still relatively unfamiliar with the new sport of wingsurfing, but starting from 2021, this sport will gradually enter everyone’s eyes. Anyone who knows wingsurfing is a fashionable, fun, and relatively simple sport, which is suitable for people of all ages. Now more and more people are beginning to use a wing surfing wing for surfing. And in the near future, it will be popular in all sea areas!


First of all, we have to buy a wing to try this newest water sport. But for beginners, how do we choose a suitable surf wing?

Surf Wing Size

The size is particularly important when we purchase a wing, which generally ranges from 2-7㎡(“㎡” refers to the approximate area of the wings). Normally, the larger the size of the wings, the lower the wind speed it can withstand, and the smaller the wing size, the higher the wind speed it can withstand.


After we have selected the wing size, the next step is to inflate. Correct use of pump inflation is also an especially important step. Firstly, check the valves and seals are clean and free from sand or grit. Then, screw the valves in firmly to the base and open the top valve cap. Finally, attach the pump inflate to 7 PSI (please pay attention to don’t inflating above 8 PSI, avoid causing an explosion). By the way, while pressing the pump, keep your back straight so that the wing can be fully inflated.


Last but not least, your main area of focus is learning how to use a surf wing as a beginner. You can try starting on land first and get used to how to move a wing. The point is to understand how the wing works and how to increase and decrease the power of the wing. Once you start to have some feeling, try getting into the water with the foil. Trust me, you’ll love this amazing surfing sport.