WingHier Coacher Wing – Nylon Handle

Wing surf is a fashionable, fun and freedom sport, which is suitable for people of all ages. Let us choose an enjoyable surf wing!

  • Weight: More Lighter Weight. WINGHIER Coacher Wing is suitable for a wide range of people and friendly to women and children. Small two windows design.
  • Handle: Simple handles. Nylon handles with rectangular shapes.
  • Structure:  More powerful, construction Solid. Has a lot of power from the start. This is very good to get going on to foil early.
  • Stability:  Good stability. Easier to control, very stable in gusty conditions.
  • Bright Color
  • Size: 4.0m/5.0m/6.0m, suit for most people
  • PSI*: 7psi – 8psi
  • Package:  Carry bag*1 | Winghier surf wing 4.0m/5.0/6.0m*1 | Wrist leash*1

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

Surf Wing Handle

We have two sorts of handles, Nylon and Carbon handle. We picked handles with a small diameter and a rectangular shape, with flatter parts that fit right into your phalanges. You don’t have to firmly grasp the handles constantly. Again, we’re going for softness rather than rigidity, so you always have the perfect angle between the wings and arms. Since our wings are stable, it is easy to tacking and gybing. At the same time, you won’t hurt or strain your gear while packing or damage the canopy.



Our materials are from  CHALLENGE sail cloth and are used by many top brands. Our wings will be even more solid and durable.


Center of traction

We paid great attention to the stability of the traction center, so the power distribution between the two arms was always balanced. The wings are stable and barely require any adjustment from your front or backhand for maximum comfort.

Wings Shape

While improving the Winghier we didn’t make big changes to the outline, the wingspan or the dihedral. We did add more twists as this helps with the stability and consistent power delivery. The strut shape is a bit different, in part because we have different handles. One of the other changes we made in the new one, is that we went to a deeper canopy profile in the center and thinned that out to flat tips. Flat tips help with stability and high-end performance, and the deeper canopy in the center helps with power. These combined with the stiffer leading edge deliver better jumping performance, so jumping with the new Unit is quite a bit better than the previous version.

Visibility & Stability
  • Visibility: In a crowd, it’s critical to see your fellow riders. So we added two windows to improve visibility in the design.
  • Stability: Straight was designed with more light. Stability is improved by respecting the profile and the wing’s center of traction while in motion. The traction is constant and homogeneous. This improved in-flight stability allows you to keep better control of your foil and your trajectories, no matter your skill level.
  • So overall the benefits of our wing are better stability while luffing, better lift, through tacks, in lulls or gusts, better surfing and jumping performance.


Surfing of Freedom

Through its constant traction, control, lightweight and stability, this wing is perfect for freeriding no matter your skill level. Bring you a smoother experience!


Challenges with our design

One of the hard things to achieve with a wing is a consistent lift, you want the wing to be lifting all the time. Whether you have a big gust or a big lull, you would like the wing to be lifting rather than dropping and it wasn’t that easy to achieve the amount of lift that we were shooting for.

By increasing the spanwise tension on the canopy and a couple of other small changes we have a wing that lifts really consistently, so if you want to do a tack we have a wing that creates lift through the tack.

If you get hit by a big gust the wing lifts through the gust. This makes the high-end range of the wing much better and it can handle a lot of wind much more easily.




Red/Blue, Red/White


4.0m, 5.0m, 6.0m