“When you know where to go, the world will make way for you”. This is our slogan. It exemplifies our burning desire for freedom love and creation.

WINGHIER’s Philosophy:

We dare to pursue freedom, challenge ourselves and go beyond ourselves. We dare to express love and make everyone better.

WINGHIER’s Values:

Profession, energy, passion, and innovation. Customer-first, creating continuous value for all customers. Top-notch quality, innovative design concept and customer satisfaction is our lifelong ambition.

Back in the Day

The WINGHIER team is ceaselessly brainstorming for the design and development of a high-performance Wing. The product team has provided the best product development and supply chain services for major brands and in-depth cooperation with the most well-known brands in the industry, thus establishing a high reputation in the industry.

Professional innovation and pursuit of perfection. WINGHIER’s product concept has been formed during more than ten years of experience.

Wing Surf Studio

At the Moment

WINGHIER is dedicated to pursuing the ultimate product experience. This is a perfect combination. Product designers and product experience officers’ commitment to design and quality, making our products look like the masterpiece of GOD. Now, more and more riders join us, WINGHIER surfing equipment is God’s gift to every surfing enthusiast, it is definitely worthwhile for your adventure

In the Future

WINGHIER means to be loved, means higher wings. In water sports, we are eagle aims to fly higher! We are adventurers and brilliant inventors. Free Spirits. Bold and hungry to explore, we wake up each morning fueled by the desire to experiment, to go beyond ourselves. While taking adventures and challenging ourselves, our hope is that we can express love to those around us. The love inside drives us to go beyond ourselves and improve ourselves continuously! We know where to go, we aim to be the first in water sports. We know exactly what the customer wants, as exactly as we know what we need to focus on now! Innovation design, top-notch technology, thoughtful service is WINGHIER’s promise to everyone.

Innovative Design:

Most of riders testing our products in world-renowned surfing resorts such as Maui, Hawaii. Collecting real-time feedback and adjusting design concepts and refining the product details based on the feedback. Focusing on people enables us to provide the ultimate user experience. In WINGHIER, no matter you are a beginner, an enthusiast, or a top player, you can find the right products. This is something really incredible!

Pursuit for Quality:

In order to ensure perfection in terms of product quality, WINGHIER adopts a mature system in building the process such as raw materials selection, technology, and quality procedure. The sewing threads it uses are all from A&E Group. Meanwhile, it has established a deep connection with raw material suppliers such as Challenge Sailcloth Group, Teijin Sailcloth, etc. High-end product raw materials, mature process control, and extreme demands on quality are the beliefs of all members, which are well enough to ensure high-end quality.

Customer Service: